Car rental platform

Country: Romania

Our customer is an experienced car rental company that wanted to develop a new online platform and migrate from their old Wordpress website that they used for promoting their cars and cars from partner companies.

They requested us to build a system that would have 3 components:

  • A REST API that would handle all business logic and be consumed by the following 2 components and other 3rd parties
  • An administration website for handling partners, cars, discounts, reservations and invoices
  • A front office website used for promoting and selling the car rental and additional services. The front office had to be highly SEO friendly

We approached this request with the idea to build a very robust and fast system. In order to achieve this milestone we decided to build the API with Java 11 and Spring boot, and use all the advantages offered by AWS.

Time to completion: 7 months

Budget range: 100.000 € - 150.000 €

The final solution ended up with the following technologies in its composition:

  • Java 8
  • Spring Boot
  • JPA
  • PostgreSQL
  • AWS EC2
  • AWS Route53
  • React
  • Bootstrap
  • Nginx

Comparison view

Monthly revenue

With GHB
14K EUR +40%

Visitors conversion

With the system